The CalAPA School is here to help you through each of the three CalAPA Cycles so you can get onto the business of being a fantastic education leader! Taught by a former Pearson assessor and current CalAPA instructor and owner of CalAPA Consulting, Inc., we are ready to help you pass your CalAPAs with flying colors!

"This is such a helpful course chocked full of details and information that will help you easily pass your CalAPA cycles!" Joe, K-8 assistant principal

CalAPA Cycle 1: Analyzing Data to Inform School Improvement and Promote Equity

CalAPA Cycle 2: Facilitating Communities of Practice

CalAPA Cycle 3: Supporting Teacher Growth

Hi my name is Kristen Nelson and I am your teacher and coach for these CalAPA Cycle courses. I am here to help you pass your CalAPAs with as little stress as possible.